Haitang Bay Mangrove Resort Hotel

Set on the tropical national coast in the centrally located area of the Haitang Bay in Sanya,gives guests a taste of paradise in the vacation experience of a lifetime. Take a relaxing 1-minute walk to the world-renowned beaches and the WuzhizhouIsland nearby. Bask in the beauty of the hotel’s architecture, designed and created by the famous architect Atkins. The breathtaking 29 villas, helicopter landing pad, and many other exceptional parts of the hotel are examples of Atkins genius. The Haitang bay resort is the perfect example of what it takes to be the top hotel in the Mangrove brand and in all of China.

Palm King Hotel

The beautiful Palm Kingdom Hotel is an independent hotel in the Sanya Bay Mangrove Tree, well renowned for its relaxing and family friendly atmosphere. Not only are there 216 luxurious rooms, but there are also themed rooms specially designed for children. These children rooms consist of five different themes: Palm Fairy, Magic Painter, Panda Man, Race Car Driver, and Princess. All of the rooms are carefully crafted with internationally certified organic and green materials to keep children safe and comfortable in the fairytale world. The game room also provides more recreational space for the children and lets the whole family enjoy the holiday.

King Brown Hotel & Queen Brown Hotel

The King Brown Hotel and Queen Brown Hotel are landmarks here at Sanya Bay Mangrove Tree. Guests can choose from 1600 rooms with room area up to 53 m2 to 420m2. Enjoy the beautiful interior design and art work created by some of the most talented and famous artists from around the world. The artwork in the rooms can even be bought. The hotel has the first lobby in Asia that is 50 meters high. The hall is divided into two floors, with 5000 square meters on each floor. The lobby is designed to facilitate a thousand people checking-in and checking-out at the same time. The 4,000-square meter indoor business links the Queen Brown Hotel to several other hotels in the mangrove forest in Sanya Bay. Finally one can’t forget the VIP channel, which can connect one to the incredible Amazon Jungle Water Park.

Kapok Hotel

The Kapok Hotel is comprised of two buildings A and B. Enjoy the scenic landscape from your luxury room balcony on a beautiful evening. The view of the courtyard flowers and tropical plants encompass a relaxing Zen for all who enjoy it. Choose from 801 rooms with room area up to 300 sqm. Each room is equipped with everything one needs including an independent shower and bathtub. Take a relaxing dip in the Kapok pool and to top off your day enjoy top of the line food at the kapok western restaurant, coral tea restaurant, coral bar, and more. Let the Kapok hotel help you find the luxurious vacation you need.

Bodhi Hotel

Let the Bodhi Hotel make your trip one to remember. Choose from 515 rooms with room area up to 210 sqm. Decorated with mahogany, the finest furniture, and many other accessories each room is designed to bring a rich, professional, and holiday atmosphere for all who enter. The accessible, spacious, and comfortable balconies provide an unrivaled scenic view that adds to the ambiance of the rooms. If you require exclusive private space the business center provides the perfect opportunity. Take a dip in the famous swimming pool in the sky, admire the incredible art in the Today’s art gallery, and savor the delicious cuisine at the Bodhi Chinese restaurant. There is a reason why businesses and tourists from all over the world come to stay here at the famous Bodhi Hotel.

Coconut Grove Hotel

Adjacent to the famous Mangrove international convention and exhibition center is the breath taking Coconut Grove Hotel. The unique white lobby highlights the remarkable quality of the art hotel. Choose from 570 rooms with room area up to 60 sqm. Savor the rare scenery from your luxurious room balcony or enjoy a relaxing dip in the outdoor pool. Complete your night with a private movie in the hotel movie studio, a paradise for film lovers. Let the Coconut Grove Hotel show you the true meaning of vacation.

Yalong Bay Mangrove Resort Hotel

At the core of the famous beach town Yalong Bay, the Yalong Bay mangrove hotel is the first resort designed to give one the feeling of a Bali vacation. The unique X, Y building layout creates the perfect view of the sea and beautiful garden landscape. Take a convenient 2-minute walk to the peaceful 260-meter long beach. Enjoy the one of a kind hotel designed by the famous American architect Sasaki. The total area of 60,000 sqm allows you all of the comfort room needed. Join us at the Yalong Bay Mangrove hotel and experience the luxurious guest rooms, restaurants, fantasy paradise, conference exhibition center, scarecrow organic farm, and beachfront property. Together we can make memories for a lifetime.

Coral Hotel

The unique coral shaped Mangrove hotel sits comfortably by the ocean’s beach. Live in the moment here at the Coral hotel. The beachfront property gives the luxury of a tropical vacation to the whole family. Choose from 828rooms with room area up to 70 sqm. Admire the art pieces found throughout the hotel lobby, hallways, restaurants, guest rooms, and entire hotel and even buy them if you feel so inclined. The Coral Hotel turns your trip into the perfect vacation.

Conch Hotel

With its natural elegance and beauty the Conch hotel has become a new landmark on the west coast of Qingdao. The lobby opens up to the atrium of the shell, giving a new and exciting experience from the moment you walk through the doors. The grand inner courtyard reveals the gorgeous temperament and status of the hotel. Enjoy the luxurious guest rooms, restaurants, lounge, SPA, swimming pool, fitness center, and other entertainment functions of the Conch Hotel, which provide the perfect symbol of a five star hotel.