The Mangrove film workshop is where creativity is born and explored. It is known as China's most creative space. Its 100 1 + X multi-function standard screens, movie and television filming base, international film festival award screens, that you can not only watch, but also play online games, webcast, and many more activities, keep you close to your film dreams.


The Mangrove Tree offers guests an amazing list of restaurants and foods to choose from. Enjoy new delicious foods with those you care about the most. Delicacies and wine from 36 countries around the world, from the Chinese, Western, and Thai cuisine to the seafood square, tens of thousands of unique foods gather here. What’s more, this is where the unattended restaurant and 3D print coffee first appeared.....

Art And Leisure

The genuine art culture is one of the traits that make a stay at Mangrove Tree such a unique and enjoyable experience. Antaeus Group has a complete industrial chain of art, including Today Art Museum, 22 International Art Plaza and Today Art Galleria. Each of these amazing art facilities provides guests a peaceful atmosphere for a perfect vacation. The art is spread out across all parts of the Mangrove Tree Resorts. Today X-books provide children with a fun experience while they learn and brings art into their lives. It combines reading with many different scenarios. The art culture is so valued that even the artworks throughout the hotels can be purchased.


Gothic wedding hall has become one of northern China’s coastal landmarks. It is first choice for wedding destinations. Perfect for proposals, marriage ceremonies, and a romantic experience with extravagant wedding rooms to complete an unforgettable honeymoon trip. The high end wedding brands and other services provided here create a station that solves all new wedding needs. Mangrove wedding center celebrates love by bringing the wedding experience of a lifetime to those who desire it.

Conference And Event

Mangrove Tree offers ten thousand square meters of exhibition venues, including the indoor non-pillar banquet hall, multi-function hall, outdoor plaza, and more. These venues can accommodate up to 7000 people for meetings and banquets.There are flexible partitions that make the room fit according to different requirements. It is also an ideal place for international competitions such as mixed martial arts, snooker, fencing and tennis.

SPA And Leisure

Mangrove Tree brings Thailand’s PanWeiman SPA college’s finest to you for the ultimate therapeutic experience. The graceful aroma therapists hired from Thailand are experts in the art of relaxation. The pure natural SPA products imported from Thailand will stimulate the circulation of the blood and cause the muscles and joints to release tension. They also nourish your skin and bring you the pure Thai SPA experience for your stay here at the Mangrove.


The Mangrove Tree Resorts offer entertainment to everyone, especially the family and kids. The Kingdom of Mangrove Forest Adventure, Trampoline Park, Parents and Children School, Ceramics Bar, Toy Store, Maternal and Child Supplies Store, children's clothing and children's theme restaurants together make a 30000 ㎡ family entertainment center. Among them, the Kingdom of Mangrove Forest Adventure is equipped with Britain's top children's play facilities, designed by David Taylor. They inspire children’s sense of adventure, imagination, and entertainment. There are also professional role-play and leisure projects, suitable for ages from 1 to 18 years old.

Theme Park

Take a trip to the famous Amazon Jungle Water Park here at the Mangrove. With 33000㎡this is the first theme park withSanyawave pools, jungle rafting, and a volcanoes water park. It is among the top water entertainment parks in the world consisting of ring features, river rafting, a children's water village, the beast bowl slide, the water cannon, and the cobra chute. It is fun for all.


Enjoy the thrill of shopping and fashion here at Mangrove Tree. The Mangrove Tree Lifestyle MALL is a 100,000-㎡ fashion shopping super center. It includes 12,000 square meters of Mangrove Tree Outlets, K-Avenue, and more than 10,000 square meters of the European Corridor, which can meet all your critical needs.The famous flagship store is also located here. Come experience what fashion truly is.