Antaeus Group

With countless achievements Antaeus group continues to improve the beautiful world we live in. Antaeus was founded in 1992 and after nearly 20 years of development it has become a large modern corporation engaged in diversified business incorporating leisure, luxury resorts, and contemporary art while continuing to contribute in the field of public welfare.

Apple Foundation

Antaeus group board member and Co-chairwoman of the Joint Chief of Staff Miss Wang Qiuyang founded the Beijing Charity Foundation (Beijing Apple Charity Foundation, referred to as "Apple Foundation A.A.F.)which launched in 2003. It is China's largest non-public placement charitable foundation for Tibet. Since its founding, the Apple Foundation has made a total of 135 million yuan in public charity projects in the aspects of education, medical care, environmental protection and culture. Among them, "Apple Barefoot Doctor Project" was awarded the "Chinese charity award" by the ministry of civil affairs. Miss Wang Qiuyang received the title of "Top 10 Philanthropists" which was also issued by the ministry of civil affairs.

Film Industry

Since Antaeus’s first steps into the film industry in 2004, the company has developed into a chain of digital projection equipment, cinema management, production, and a digital projection management platform. The group is one of five DCI - 2K digital film makers in the world, and has 18 global proprietary technology patents and 7 software Copyrights in the digital film field. During the opening ceremony of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, the montage DCI-2K digital film-screening server created the world's largest digital movie miracle. In 2011, the Asian-pacific film festival awarded Mr. Zhang Baoquan, co-chairman of the board of directors, the "Digital Screening Achievement Award.”

Contemporary Art

Antaeus Group has a complete industrial chain of art, including Today Art Museum, 22 International Art Plaza and Today Art Galleria engaged in academic activities, collection, auction, art publication, development and operation of art derivatives, digital art museum and many more. It’s the first art group corporation in China that explored and realized the industrialization of China’s art industry. Among the art collections, Today Art Gallery is the first private non-enterprise public welfare gallery in China. It represents the most influential brand of contemporary Chinese art. In August 2015, the poster of Today Art Gallery - Future museum, landed in New York's Times Square which highlights the innovative thinking and ambition of Chinese contemporary artists for the future.

Mangrove Tree

Mangrove Tree Resort World is a one-stop “holiday destination complex” that provides the latest and most complete vacation lifestyle around the world covering art, accommodation, business, children's play, food, film, conference, exhibition and more, while providing a new leisure life experience for high income individuals and families. Since 2004 there are four Mangrove Tree Resorts in operation: Yalong Bay, Sanya Bay, Haitang Bay, and Qingdao.